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    What can be said about Susie E. Newton, that hasn't been said?  Professionally anyhow. A native of Saint Petersburg, Florida and owner of  God's Image Management & Consulting, a Strategic Marketing,  Brand and Business Developing company. Susie is a wildfire and well rounded business woman has found her niche' and is hyper focused to say the least.


   Additionally with her RYBNetWork platform, she is now flourishing in her long awaited community efforts to encourage, uplift, motivate, translate and relieve the stresses of talent and business needs for those who seek to affirm their legacy.  She discovered this need the more she mended the remnants of her life and business after her now second divorce. May of 2016 she founded her non-profit, Plays For A Purpose, which more importantly mentor's youth and adults on various scales. 


   Lastly, being the Creative Director and Founder of Saved & Sexy Radio, transparent radio for the transparent community. An independent radio station, she has courageously built while in pursuit of excellence as Lexus coins it best. 

    How does she find time to relax? Tune into her Blog With a Twist. 


Cia for now!




1. Constance Chronicles VOL III
2. Signed Paperback $15.00


For any inquiries, contact Susie

Tel: 240-650-4357 

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