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Church Whore
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Fan of the Author Q&A

How do I submit my e-Book?

e-books are only accepted as gifts, without purchase from Plays for a Purpose.

**Please note if it's a series or a spin off from a series we suggest gifting the book you feel will be most impactful in our decision to include the remainder of the series as well as the spin off.** <- The text within the asterisks lies solely on what you the author submit.



What are the requirements for paperback submissions?


Glad you asked. The founders of FOTA are well versed and fully comprehend via interviews with authors of independent publishers (non commercial publishers) during the first rebranding season of Saved N Sexy Radio that book covers don't necessarily tell or hint to the story within the pages and possibly not garment the true character of the author. Marketing is an evil beast and a hinderance among palatable minds who refuse to read past the cover itself. That's where FOTA comes in.

** So, to submit a read that's a paperback include #FanOfTheAuthor in your promo post, website or blog.**

Paperback submissions:

"I wanna suggest my favorite author!" Yay! You are definitely who we are seeking to hear from.

Please do the following:
Rather it's in a post on social media or your blog use the same #FanOfTheAuthor tag with  your public online review.

e-Book submissions:

Repost or share the authors e-book link using the #FanOfTheAuthor tag and we will contact the author on your behalf.


What if I don't want to use the #FanOfTheAuthor tag?

Reader or author, if you'd rather send us an email that's perfectly acceptable. Click here

How do I know the #FanOfTheAuthor tag will be checked?

Excellent question. We check the tag for updates once a week at the latest. The moment we come across a read, be it submitted or discovered, the following will occur in the order as it is written:

1. This page will be updated with a "Read in Review" post signed with #FanOfTheAuthor

2. A marketable graphic will be posted five times for one week. (one post per promo account via IG, FB, Twitter, Goodreads and/or Holonis). We will not and do not tag others to post. However, we do use the author name in a metatag when updating the website.

3. If the read was submitted by the reader or author, whoever submitted it will be contacted with the graphic within the first 24hr of its creation.

4. If we discovered the read for ourselves no one will be contacted.

5. Finally, a marketable graphic/video will be posted to our sight for one week once the read and review is completed.

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