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This is your life.


We're here to make it better.


"Where community meets business."

Where community meets business....
First and foremost our mission, is your mission. We help you get to where your business wants to be by pairing business needs with community resources. No matter what stage your vision is in, there are always resources closer than you think.
It's not what or who you know, It's who knows about you...
That's why we take a customized approach to our marketing and advertising campaigns. They are centered to you and your audience.
Maybe it is who you know...
G.I is more than a business management and consulting firm. While various branches work together to pursue the right direction for every client, G.I also creates and manages it's own business ventures. Work directly with G.I, through RYBNetwork and reap the benefits of contracting a dynamic, multi-faceted enterprise.
Take a look at our Services section to see how we can serve you. Contact us today, for a low cost consultation.
We look forward to working with you!
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