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G.I stands for “God’s Image”. Now before you hit the back button, let us explain. We truly believe that everyone has a God given gift. It is our purpose to help you realize that gift as it relates to your vision for a more fulfilling life. No one is a mistake, thus God’s image takes many forms. If singing or songwriting is your passion, G.I will be there to make sure your vision becomes your reality. If your dream is to open a doughnut shop or a waterpark or a zoo(!), we will assess your needs with an open and honest consultation on how we can help. Whatever your focus, we will make sure that we are providing the necessary resources in the correct order to get you to where you desire to be.


We firmly believe that in order to build a good life and be successful, you must establish your foundation. Your vision, will not die, because you have wisely chosen to seek counsel. 


G.I. Management & Consulting has a clear business objective:

  1. to enhance Business Solution services, while impacting communities across the globe, one community at a time. These services have been continuously evolving since 2008, and are forever being re-evaluated and enhanced as technology progresses.

  2. In this regard, we are well aware of current trends but also are consistently investing in innovative business solution strategies that have yet to become widely used.

  3. At our core, G.I’s focus is on bringing together the resources that match a client’s business needs, plain and simple.


**The fringe benefit of being able to actually be a resource for our client’s needs is the icing on your cake!


Whether it’s something as simple as writing a clear and succinct business plan or creating and executing an event on your business’s behalf, we offer services that will not only lead you in the right direction, but that will increase your profitability.

RYBNetwork, pulls all resources together, for the good of community business & talent!

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