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What type of clients to does G.I. Management & Consulting represent?


Our clientele and potential clients range from but not limited to various Entrepreneurs, Various Production Studios, Musicians, Artist, Theatre Artist, Communication Specialist, Corporate Businesses, Radio Host, Non-Profit Organizations, Playwrights, just to name a few. We have clients from all divisions of the G.I. family that are available for Informative Workshops, Book Signings, Hosting, Speaking, Corporate Events and Fund Raising (casual, corporate, grand openings, etc).


Will I need to have an attorney to review my contract before signing?


G.I. Management & Consulting are completely agree, if you would like to have an attorney review our contract. No questions asked.


When signing with G.I. Management & Consulting exclusive or non-exclusive?


Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Management restrictions are based upon the need of the client, which are determined after initial evaluations and assessments. Our clients enjoy our services and opt to be exclusive, however the choice is absolutely yours, we are here to ensure that what God has given to you is brought to life.


How long are the contractual agreements with G.I. Management & Consulting?


Our contracts are initiated on a by trial basis of up to 5 years, based on initial consultation. Renegotiations for agreement lengths begin 30 days before the original contract expiration date.

Will I need to sign a management agreement?


No. We fully comprehend business needs and expenses can become costly & we thoroughly believe in tailoring the best business solutions for your vision. We do offer individual packages tailored to specific client(s) needs that are not as extensive as needing any form of management.


How is G.I. Management & Consulting structured?


We manage with biblical standards and tailored specifics. We compose detail plan of actions based on, initial assessments & requirements that must be submitted before any contract is executed and/or established.


Does G.I. Management & Consulting offer competitive marketing packaging?


Yes. We offer competitive packages for those, companies and/or small businesses needing to increase profits.  Every client need is different, so contact us today to get your tailored package to suit your business needs.


Does G.I. Management & Consulting have a business development package?


Yes. If you are a small business in need of strategic business development we certainly offer an extensive and fundamental platform that will assure your company’s foundation is secure.  We invite you to contact us today so we can get started on securing the foundation of your vision, for years to come.



If you have any further question contact us today.

Thank you 



Susie Newton, Owner & Founder


"When enough just won't do. Do more."


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