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G.I. Management delivers and guarantee results with profitable visibility, for the savvy driven business owner or entity who is seeking to set trends and streamline their business in any economic climate. If you have a question or are unsure if we in fact service a need you do not see listed, give us a call, (240)650-HELP or contact us today. You will have a definitive answer within 24 hours, guaranteed..


Business Development

Literary Publisher

Strategic Planning

Brand Management

Marketing Implementation

Talent Management

Commercial Content Creation (audio and/or visual)
Social Campaigning/Networking/Advertising

much more.


Professional Voice-Over

Did you know?
A radio Ad at market value for one voice-over could cost upwards of $900.00 our rate: $80.00 to $120.00


Need a professional voice-over for radio, commercial, promo video? We offer original music bed, custom content and or special effects to give your brand that professional edge you been looking for in advertising. You can lease or outright purchase what we create for you, for a minimal fee with numerous plays via G.I. Music radio shows, which gain national recognition. If your company can benefit from national exposure in product placement, purchase or if you are looking to expand on a global level with either various locations and to increase your customer base, your company will benefit greatly from our professional voice-over service.

So rather you need one voice or several, contact us today to discover what G.I. Management & Consulting can do for you. For a non obligation quote, contact us today.


Strategic Media Marketing


Looking for marketing strategies that are guaranteed to launch your brand or business to unsurpassed levels? We know you have heard the saying, "if it's to good to be true, it usually is", when it comes to G.I. Management providing your marketing needs, we stand on our word & uphold every promise.

We promise to deliver in the most strategic way that is most profitable for your business & brand so you can focus on your business while we focus on reinforcing your business brand & practices. To find out how we can do more for your marketing needs, contact us today.

Starting from $120.00 to $200.00



We understand the value of time & appreciate all the efforts it takes to make one dollar. With G.I. Consulting services you will receive proven tools, information & outlines that will catapult your thought to what we call a P.O.A (plan of action). Our fees are always negotiable & we will forever have affordable payment options, which will never effect our quality of work. It is through our acceptable service where we are, "Breaking generational curses, one stronghold at a time."



Contact us today to find out exactly what G.I. Management & Consulting, can do for you.

*All 30 minute consultations are absolutely free.

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