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About SNSR

     Out of her creative passions for music, but because of her love  for lyrics a songwriter was born. Susie "Barely Saved" Newton began writing songs at the age of 12 when she was a part of a neighborhood girl group called, "Flava", this was before Living Single debuted. Being an inspired fan of Toni Braxton, Susie fancied the instrumental of, "Another Sad Love Song" which held the flow of relationships, battered, loved, lost, reinvented, Susie wrote the groups first song. But when it came to writing and combining the two, Susie knew only what she knew. Love really never last, for one reason or another the other parent either leaves, die or is strung out on drugs.

     That doesn't negate the fact that music has always served it's purpose in her life, from home, to church, from love and through loss. Susie always found a key to sooth her soul. It wasn't until her first serious relationship that didn't show promise of being serious until 2007 where his love for music, writing and song would rekindle the love she first knew, lyrics.

     As time would have it, life called and eased love away. A year and a half following the loss of her love, she met and married her second love, which is where she learned word play to say the least. She registered with BMI under her then married name, Susie Bailey and after an energetic conversation with her then husband the name, "Barely Saved" and Saved & Still Sexy Radio, "Just because you are saved, that doesn't mean stop being sexy" was born. The BS took it's time and fought like hell to takeover their marriage, which it did, but in the end, Susie never stopped pursuing her passions.

     Armed with a ten year manuscript, songs, lyrics and four more chronicles, one deceased fiancée and two failed marriages, Susie still stands. Song, music, lyrics and words are her comfort. Armed with the strength of God and the determination to not give up on the one thing that has loved her back, November of 2016 one month before the sudden death of her second fiancée, she began to ReBrand, Saved & Still Sexy Radio, to compliment her confidence she dropped the "Still" and continued to keep it real.

     Saved & Sexy Radio has now grown more than she initially envisioned. It's no longer just a platform for a weeping widow or mourning divorcee who happens to be a songwriter, poet and professional writer, soon to add, author and publisher. Susie has always welcomed those who needed help, because let's face it, she understands the need all too well. Saved & Sexy Radio is now a flourishing platform for Indie Authors, which she interviews in the Authors Club originally named #ConstanceCorner as it's pinned after one of her main characters, #ConstanceEubanks.

     Susie chose to grow better instead of bitter and to that end, ReBrand Your Network, "when enough just won't do" was overdue to live, under it's parent company, G.I. Management & Consulting, who's sponsors are of Saved & Sexy Radio the life and vehicle by which her non-profit Plays For A Purpose moves.

     Lastly, and in the spirit of hope, love and peace, we couldn't let you go without shedding a little light on, Plays For A Purpose, with a mission that's larger than life itself, she wouldn't change a thing. Believe me, I've asked. Plays For A Purpose exist to, "Promote unity within the community between, sex, race, lifestyle, business and health." 

     Well, it is the sincere hope, pleasure & honor of Susie "Barely Saved" Newton, that you will enjoy, grow and continue to be great with us as we continue to unite communities, one paid sponsor of Saved N Sexy Radio at a time. Want to be a guest? 

Peace, love and prosperity to you,

The crew!

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