Plays for a Purpose

          Thank you & welcome! The following outlines not only the specific ways we contribute to the communities in which we develop businesses, but also how those contributions promote a healthy lifestyle. Plays for a Purpose was born from the seed of failure & opposition; two things not many people are equipped to stand up against alone. PFAP is where “whatever it takes” meets “by any means necessary”. As long as our suffering communities are struggling to thrive, we will serve as the vessel bringing awareness and help wherever we can.


PFAP exists to increase the awareness of various life threatening and/or altering challenges. Some such challenges include:

  • Marfan Sydrome

  • Breast Cancer

  • Lupus

  • Diabetes

  • Undetected Cardiovascular Disease

  • Poverty

  • Hunger

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Domestic Violence

     and Sickle Cell Anemia, to name a few


Plays for a Purpose

Ways we play

          Plays for a Purpose has creatively developed various avenues of adventures, exploration, exposure and most importantly education. We most certainly have been grounded with being hands on & physically involved in every process, every step of the way. We, started by reaching out into the communities and mentoring the youth one child at a time. We serve as an intricate bridge between community & business by presenting community events that promote  unity within the community among cultures, genders & lifestyles. We are also a locomotive for what use to be a, “once in a lifetime opportunity” for young minds. This opportunity allows students to travel abroad for a more hands on multi-cultural learning experience.


Mentor Programs (age: 13-17)


"Start Now" Summer Youth Program (age: 13-17


Constance Eubanks Creative Scholarship (age: 16 - 35)


Bryan L. Smith, American African Advancement Scholarship (Grade: 6th - 11th)

#DividedWeStress (the campaign behind “Unity within the community.”)

We also present various community awareness events. This helps to bridge the gap between community and business. We have developed a detailed agenda that is sure to not only impact communities but to also provoke positive life enhancing thought. Some of our annual scheduled events are:


Fit for Fashion

Miss I am Unique Pageant

Closed Mouth Tour

Father Daughter Ball

Embracing Our Youth Tour

Summer Youth United Community Tour


It is our earnest desire that cities, beginning with one county at a time, would join us in our efforts of promoting unity within the community, one move at a time. Plays for a Purpose, “reaching communities across the globe.”


Join the party with G.I. in our efforts to raise funds for PFAP. Paparazzi has reached out to aid in our movement. Click the pic and see for yourself. 

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Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail and/or document including but not limited to any attacontain confidential information intended solely for the use of the addressee. The distribute, copy, or use of any of the aforementioned programs or agenda are prohibited without the express written consent of  G.I. Management & Consulting and it's subsidiaries. We encourage community unity in many aspects business is always number one.

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